“The 12,000+ patients I’ve seen have led me to create these special wellness formulas. Think of them as empowerment in a bottle.”



I named my remedy line EastWest® because it truly reflects my inspiration: the latest advancements in conventional Western medicine combined with the secrets of Eastern traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Let’s begin your healing.

  • DEFENDER - Unique to the Eastwest Way Vitamin Line, Defender helps strengthen your health.
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    Unique to the Eastwest Way Vitamin Line, Defender helps strengthen your health.

    The Defender was created to address the need for immune support and the difficulty in finding a product that combined the east west approach to immune building.

    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • BOOST - Patented Blend for Hormone Balance, Mood, and Memory Support.
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    Blend for Hormone Balance, Mood, and Memory Support.

    This is my secret formula to help boost your energy levels and memory, work to stabilize your mood, and promote hormone balance. If you find yourself dragging on throughout the day, feeling fatigued or blue, or struggling with hormone imbalances, you may be deficient in critical vitamins such a B12 and B6 and the powerful macro-mineral, Magnesium. This blend stands out among the rest because it’s fully methylated, which means it’s in active form, ready for your body to use. Boost also contains selenium—which aids in strengthening the immune system, helps regulates thyroid function, and may even reduce the risk of some cancers.
    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • BELLY FIX - Full spectrum support for gut health.
    Belly Fix
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    Full spectrum support for gut health.

    Gut health is foundational to your whole health and the comfort of your system. This formula helps with bloating, regulating weight gain/loss and the appearance of your skin.

    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • LUSH LOCKS - Supports the healthy growth of hair.
    Lush Locks
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    Our natural patented formula is an affordable way to stop and even reverse hair loss … without expensive invasive procedures or dangerous prescription treatments. Potent hair-growth-support.

    Hair loss is one stressful health challenge that I can personally relate to, and it’s what propelled me into my quest for answers and study of integrative medicine! This special formula is made with a powerful blend of amla, foti, B-vitamins, magnesium, folate, biotin, L-Cystine and iron, plus organically-sourced herbs. When used in practice, I have found this combination helps support hair-regrowth and also works to prevent further hair loss. It’s my go-to for thousands of my patients who are working to achieve balance and keep their locks luscious and healthy!
    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • New and Improved Hormone Helper
    Hormone Helper
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    Supports healthy hormone balance to keep you feeling and performing at your very best

    New Hormone Helper still has choline and inositol but now with added saw palmetto to lower androgens and help your hormones. How do you make a hormone helper better? By creating a product that balances gut and liver health, all while lowering androgens; those pesky hormones that cause hair loss, acne and even anxiety and depression. This new formula now has saw palmetto to lower androgens, more inositol to balance insulin and blood sugar, helping weight management and choline for liver cleansing. That’s why 1 small scoop of my Hormone Helper can make a world of a difference for women working to achieve the ultimate balance.
    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • SLEEP SAVIOR - Promotes a healthy night’s sleep by helping you relax.
    Sleep Savior
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    Promotes a healthy nights rest without the side effects and risks of prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids.

    As a integrative physician, I‘ve seen thousands of patients who’ve reportedly struggled to get a good night of rest. Sleep is the foundation for good health, and that’s why I created my Sleep Savior formula to truly help you relax and fall asleep. This formula contains Magnesium, which is a must-have for anyone struggling with anxiety, irritability, stress-management or sleep issues! Combined with melatonin and magnolia bark extract, which have both been proven to help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, this formula is my go-to—especially when I’m traveling or have busy-brain and can’t fall asleep!
    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • Serenease - Your ultimate antidote to stress and a solution for relaxation.
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    The miracle micronutrient for calm and ease. Your ultimate antidote to stress, a solution for relaxation, and a powerful ingredient for cellular health.

    Serenease is a comprehensive blend of the 6 most functional forms of magnesium, combined together to promote healthy metabolism, mood support, relaxation, and energy activation. Magnesium continues to be one of the most crucial nutrients most people lack in their diets, resulting in fatigue, headaches, blood sugar imbalance, and a tense or dampened mood. With Serenease, you can experience the benefits of each type of magnesium which support more than 300 enzymatic reactions--regulating everything from mood to metabolism!
    EastWest Rx® and PowerRx™
  • East West Way - Collaglow C, A powerhouse beauty powder combining collagen with high antioxidants
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    Beauty Power- Collagen, Amla, Hyaluronic Acid and Goji Berries.
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