Dr. Taz M.D.

The EastWest® Story
Dr. Taz MD

Taking care. It’s my passion every day in my medical practice, and what I keenly want you to do for yourself. Because we have a tendency to put ourselves after others, our true superpowers come out when we mindfully care for ourselves.

I created EastWest® to empower you. These supplements address the issues of our current times: sleep, energy, mood and hair loss.

My EastWest® formulas combine the best knowledge from my two worlds: cutting-edge Western scientific medicine and centuries-old, nature-based Eastern traditions. We use clinically studied vitamins and minerals alongside organically sourced herbs. You won’t find fillers, sugars, GMOs or any artificial sweeteners and colors.

Truth be told, I developed these formulas for a special patient: myself. Fresh out of medical school, I was chronically fatigued, losing my beloved hair in handfuls, and prone to every sickness. The doctors and specialists I turned to couldn’t give me answers, or gave me drugs with devastating side effects.

So began my second education, studying nutrition, herbal medicine, integrative medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil, acupuncture, and Ayurvedic medicine. EastWest® is the culmination of all this knowledge.

It’s empowerment in a bottle.