We all know that a morning routine is beneficial for body and mind – but beyond the abundant anecdotal evidence, there are also a number of scientific benefits to back up the experiences of millions of successful people worldwide across many different cultures, who all swear by their morning routine.

In the morning we have a wonderful opportunity to set the tone for the rest of our day. It’s also a great time to get in essential nutrients and vitamins which are easier to remember or best taken as you wake up.

Some of the world’s greatest and most influential figures cite a solid, meaningful morning routine as one their keys to success – but one of the amazing things about morning routines is that they are accessible and open to everyone. We all have time each morning to use as we wish – and implementing good habits and getting your day off to a healthy start is a positive way to start the day.

There are so many advantages attached to a solid, consistent morning routine – from better concentration to enhanced productivity and improved sleep quality. Key benefits of a morning routine include:

1. Reduce your stress

Morning routines have been shown time and time again to help reduce stress levels, through helping us to introduce healthy habits daily, but also by helping us to feel more in control. Knowing what’s coming each morning, looking forward to your daily rituals and replacing chaos and rushing with calm and collectedness certainly helps us to start the day in a better frame of mind.

Your current morning routine might look like running out the door with a slice of toast in one hand and laptop bag in the other – but swapping out the stress for serene moments can really have a major impact on your day. Imagine if you woke up slightly earlier and each morning spent time getting into the right frame of mind, instead of chasing your tail? Think of it as getting out of the bed on the right side each morning.

2. Start the day the right way

You may not think you have a morning routine in place at the minute – but most of us have certain things we always do each and every day when we wake up. Many of these things are unhelpful habits which keep us stuck on autopilot, damaging our health without us realising. If checking your phone upon waking, downing a black coffee or eating sugary cereal on the go sounds familiar, you might have a morning routine that’s doing you more harm than good.

Replacing habits such as this with a more conscious, wellness-centered repertoire sets the tone for the whole day. Eating a healthy breakfast, staying away from the stress of social media and news channels until you’ve fully woken up and taking the time to shower are all easy and enjoyable ways to set yourself up for a great day ahead.

3. Increase productivity

One of the reasons CEOs cite a strong morning routine as a non-negotiable is the many ways it can positively influence productivity and motivation. Studies have shown that when we have structure in our lives we are more able to use mental energy on daily tasks, increasing productivity by up to 60%.

Waking up early, eating a good breakfast and having time to reflect, walk, journal or meditate can also have a positive impact on energy levels throughout the day.

4. Enhance your health

One thing many people struggle with is remembering to take medication – particularly the vitamins and supplements that enhance our overall well being. But doing this in the morning (provided this is in line with your healthcare practitioner’s advice) ensures you won’t forget and can enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about missing a dose. Many supplements are best taken in the morning so that they can boost energy levels and work together with your food intake to provide adequate nutrition for your body.

In Ayurveda, a morning routine is said to kick-start digestion and ensure we sustain a healthy mindset throughout the day. Ayurvedic morning rituals include cleansing and paying attention to what you consume (both food and drink) upon waking.

Oil pulling and tongue scraping can help to set you up for the day through removing bacteria from the mouth, whilst a quick oil massage can help to kick-start circulation.

Tips to implement a morning routine – and stick to it

Use these simple tips to create your very own morning routine – keeping in mind that everyone’s morning rituals will look slightly different depending on what matters to you the most.

1. Keep it simple

It’s easier to introduce just one or two things and practice daily, than to try to do everything all at once and fall short due to overwhelm. It’s a process – habits naturally take time to install mentally, so it’s better to build your morning routine up over time than to go all-in then get disheartened and give up after a few days or weeks when you start to let things slip.

A simple morning routine could look like splashing your face with water, applying skincare and making yourself a hot lemon tea. Or it could look like meditating when you wake up, instead of checking your phone – or reading three pages of a book. Introduce just one or two parts to your morning routine to begin with, replacing old unhelpful habits one at a time.

2. Be consistent

Discipline is key when successfully implementing a morning routine – like any other new habit. Even if you shorten your routine – don’t skip it. After several weeks, it’ll become second nature.

3. Prioritize and personalize

There are so many suggestions out there on what makes the perfect morning routine – but whatever you do, it needs to work for you. Take inspiration from these guides – but also consider what you would really love to take the time to do each morning. What is most important to you in the morning? What do you want to get out of your daily routine? This could be a nutritious breakfast, five minutes to meditate, or even something super simple like a shower.

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