The human body is complex – made up of thousands of different elements and components which work to keep us healthy and functioning at full capacity. One such compound is l-Glutamine – the most abundant amino acid in the entire body. l-Glutamine has gained popularity in recent years as a supplement, but did you know that l-Glutamine can also have powerful benefits of your gut health and chronic conditions such as IBS? Here we take a look at this powerhouse supplement and share some of its key benefits for a healthy body and mind.

What is l-Glutamine?

l-Glutamine is made in the muscles and is transferred through the blood into all organ systems within the body. Like collagen, l-Glutamine can be thought of as one of the building blocks for the synthesis of proteins in the body. It is also a key part of the process of creating other amino acids and glucose, which is essential for energy.

The body needs a lot of l-Glutamine to function optimally. Around 60% of our skeletal muscle is made up of l-Glutamine, so ensuring sufficient intake of foods that support l-Glutamine levels is key to lasting health and wellness.

 What are the benefits of l-Glutamine?

Initially, l-Glutamine found its place amongst the most popular supplements on the market for its muscle-building, fat-burning properties. But in recent years scientists and medics have discovered that there are many other benefits associated with regular intake of l-Glutamine.

Muscle growth: l-Glutamine is a favorite amongst athletes and gym-goers as it offers significant support and results when building muscle. Studies have shown that l-Glutamine helps with more rapid recovery post-exercise but can also contribute to boosted metabolism, stamina and athletic performance for more productive workouts.

Better brain health: Glutamine also contributes to brain health – as it is a contributor to the development of neurotransmitter glutamate. A disruption in the cycle of glutamine-glutamate synthesis can contribute to a variety of conditions including epilepsy, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. Through consuming l-Glutamine on a regular basis it may be possible to improve brain function and focus whilst alleviating anxiety and depression. Glutamine also helps to protect the brain against aging, balancing glutamate levels and restoring normal neurotransmitter function.

BELLY FIX - Full spectrum support for gut health.Gastrointestinal Support: l-Glutamine is now also becoming more well-known for its role in healing the gut – in particular supporting with leaky gut syndrome and IBS. Glutamine serves as fuel for cells within the small intestine, helping to protect and restore normal gut function. Various studies have showed the promising impact of l-Glutamine for people living with gastrointestinal conditions – even those with inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

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