January has become synonymous with seasonal detoxes, weight loss and the implementation of new year’s resolutions – and although many people naturally feel the need to cleanse and rest following the indulgent festive period, winter months are amongst the hardest to implement new habits and eating patterns.

Detoxing has been both over-simplified and unnecessarily complicated in recent years – but actually through tuning into our body’s natural detoxification methods we can see significant results in a short space of time.

Here we’re sharing our five top tips to detox effectively and with ease – with no gruelling routines or tasteless shakes in sight!

1. Take it slow

The first rule of detoxing is to be gentle with yourself. There is a delicate balance between having the determination and motivation to see a detox through, and becoming obsessed and stressed-out when we don’t see results quickly enough. Taking things at a sensible pace and understanding that the process may take longer than we’d like is an essential first step when we embark on any kind of detox.

Although quick fixes and products promising fast results can be tempting, don’t be swayed and focus on making progress in line with body’s natural processes rather than seeing overnight results. It can take several days for the detoxification process to ramp up with the right technique and support.

2. Diversify your detox approach

There are 5 organs of detoxification – so engaging all four gives the body the best possible chance of ridding itself of waste products and unwanted toxins. Each organ has a different function and takes care of varying aspects of the detoxification process.

Liver: Leafy greens and supplements like chlorophyll and spirulina support the liver as it detoxifies.

Kidneys: Drink more water – fresh, filtered water is best.

Lungs: Our bodies are designed to release up to 80% of toxins via the breath – but most people don’t breathe deeply enough to support this system as it detoxifies and cleanses. Stress and anxiety can make the incidence of upper respiratory breathing even higher. Taking time to breathe mindfully or actively engaging in breathwork can help.

Skin: Sweat! Exercise, use a sauna or engage in any kind of activity that stimulates the lymphatic system, such as massage and acupuncture.

Gut: Eat plenty of fiber – even a spoonful of fiber-rich foods like psyllium husk and flaxseed can help to support healthier movement of waste product through the gut.


Hydrating regularly and with the right kinds of fluids is key when undertaking any kind of detox. In fact, the body regularly rids itself of waste through urine – so keeping hydration levels topped up throughout the day is essential. Choose water and herbal teas over coffee and black tea, which can act as a diuretic. Aim for an extra 8oz of water per day when detoxing.

Support your gut

The gut plays a significant role in the excretion of toxins – and without balanced gut flora, the body is unable to efficiently remove waste products or access the goodness in the food we eat. Digestive issues can also impact upon our metabolism, energy levels and more – so it’s vital that we get our gut health in check if we want to detox or lose weight.

Our Belly Fix formula is designed to support the gut with a sophisticated proprietary blend of collagen, vitamins and probiotics, restoring a healthy balance of microscopic bacteria to aid digestion and detoxification.

Clean up your life

When the body is focused on clearing out environmental toxins, it is less able to deal with day-to-day waste removal. Whether you’re dedicating yourself to a strict detox or just want to give your body a helping hand, bee sue to remove any environmental elements that could impair your results.

Avoid plastics containing BPA and phthalates, clean up your beauty regime (avoiding parabens and sulfates) and filter your water beyond the obvious such as alcohol and cigarettes.

For more easy-to-follow expert detox tips head over to our blog learn more about our detox buddy Belly Fix here.