One thing that’s on many people’s minds post-holiday season is detoxing. After so many rich foods, generous measures of alcohol and late nights spent with friends and loved ones, your body might feel as though it’s in need of a serious reset.

Cleansing after such an intense period of indulgence can feel daunting and difficult – especially with the huge amount of conflicting advice out there to contend with. Here we share simple and effective methods rooted in science and thousands of years of ancient medicine to help you get back to your best after the festive season.

What is a detox?

The word ‘detox’ often conjures images of green juices and wheatgrass shots – and whilst these things can certainly be part of a detox, the body actually cleanses and rids itself of toxins in a number of different ways. An effective cleanse therefore supports all of these individual systems rather than focusing on just one alone. The primary organs of detoxification include:

*The liver

*The kidneys

*The skin

*The lungs

*The digestive tract

*The lymphatic system

The tips we share in this article will focus on all five areas of detoxification – but you can select individual methods depending on your preference and the amount of time you have to dedicate.

Easy ways to detox post-indulgence

Most of us lead busy lives – so we don’t have time to cold-press ginger or participate in complicated rituals before we start the day. These tips have been curated with convenience in mind – to make sure you commit and stick to your regime and feel back to normal (or even better) in no time.

1/ Hydrate the smart way

It’s impossible to over-stress the importance of staying hydrated – not just during a detox, but at any time. The body needs sufficient amounts of fluid to function properly – around 8 glasses of pure, filtered water per day. During a detox, you’ll want to up your intake to around 8oz x 8 per day to help flush out those toxins.

Whilst upping your water intake, you’ll want to avoid alcohol and sugary sodas – but that doesn’t mean you’re confined to only drinking water for the next few weeks. Some other types of beverages that can help with detoxification include:

*Herbal teas: Herbal teas are a great way to hydrate in a healthy way whilst also benefiting from the detoxifying properties of various herbs and spices. Milk thistle, dandelion and nettle are all fantastic ingredients which help to cleanse and purify *Lemon water: Fresh lemon in warm or room-temperature water can help to flush out impurities and toxins

*Apple Cider Vinegar: A capful of Apple Cider Vinegar in water upon waking can help to kick-start your metabolism and will also aid in digestion

If you’re short on time and lead a busy lifestyle, upping your fluid intake alone can be a great way to remedy those festive overindulgences.

BELLY FIX - Full spectrum support for gut health.2/ Green Smoothies

Smoothies and juices are a great way to secure a nutrient hit in one go, and they’re super easy to make. Be mindful of high-sugar fruits, instead opt for plenty of vegetables and low-GI, high-antioxidant ingredients such as berries, spinach and avocado. Adding fiber in the form of chia seeds, flaxseeds or psyllium husk can also help to remove toxins via the digestive tract – whilst adding herbs such as dandelion or milk thistle can also support the detoxification process further.

3/ Keep it moving

Exercise is one of the most commonly overlooked (and yet highly effective) ways to cleanse and refresh. When we move our bodies, in particular during cardiovascular physical activity, the body is able to remove toxins via sweating. Movement

can also help to balance hormones and of course, aids with any New Year weight loss goals you may have. However you choose to sweat it out, you’ll be helping your body to get back to normal and remove any remaining toxins.

4/ Cut it out

As we touched upon above, detoxing does mean changing up your routine now that the festive season is over. During December you may have gotten used to treating yourself to processed, refined, sugary, salty or fatty foods on a regular basis – but now it’s time to bring back some more balance and load up primarily on wholesome, nourishing options. Prioritize easy-digest vegetables and lean proteins, combining with smaller amounts of healthy slow-release carbs. The holiday season can also be heavy on alcohol – it’s advisable to cut this out completely during your detox to ensure that there are no additional toxins for your body to remove during this time.

As you can see, detoxing effectively can be as easy as drinking more water, or adjusting your diet post-festive season. Getting back into a normal routine and doing things that feel healthy for you is the key to reducing the impact of over-indulgence during the holidays.

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