As the weather heats up it’s natural to reach for the nearest ice-cold, refreshing beverage – whether that’s a can of your favorite fizzy soda or a sweet fruit juice. Unfortunately many popular summer drinks are packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, colorings and preservatives – all things to avoid as much as possible in order to maintain optimal health.

These delicious and simple-to-make summer drinks recipes are not only healthy alternatives to your usual go-tos – they also boast a variety of benefits for health and wellbeing such as glowing skin, hormone balance and digestive support.

Fresh lemonade

Cloudy lemonade is a fond childhood memory for many of us – so why not make this healthier version at home? It’s usually a hit with the whole family and can even be made in advance for BBQs and cook-outs.

You’ll need:

*3 large lemons (plus a few slices for decoration)

*Naturally sparkling water

*Sweetener of choice (we use agave in this recipe)


1/ Squeeze the lemons well until fully juiced into a large jug

2/ Add sweetener of choice to taste

3/ Add a few slices of fresh lemon and stir well

4/ Top up with sparkling water and ice, ready to serve!

Minty No-Jito

Who doesn’t love a mojito on a hot summer’s day? Ditching simple syrup and rum, two main ingredients in a traditional mojito, this non-alcoholic refresher can be thrown together in a matter of minutes.

You’ll need:

*Naturally sparkling water

*Fresh mint (two bunches)

*3 limes (plus extra slices to garnish)

*Agave syrup (or an alternative, if you’re keto)


1/ Squeeze the juice of three limes into a jug and add sweetener to taste

2/ Crush most of the mint with a pestle and mortar and add to the lime juice mixture. If you don’t have a pestle and mortar, use your hands to crush and shred the mint leaves (leaving several to garnish at the end)

3/ Top up with sparkling water, stir well and let sit for several minutes before serving over ice topped with a sprig of mint and lime wedge.

Peach Iced Tea

Nothing says ‘summer’ like peach iced tea – but store brands often contain shocking amounts of sugar. Sugar-free versions exist, but usually feature artificial sweeteners which can be just as harmful to health.

This natural, low-sugar recipe is easy to whip up with simple ingredients and no artificial sweeteners in sight. And there are hidden benefits for your hormones, too!

You’ll need:

*7-8 ripe or overripe fresh peaches (if you’re struggling for fresh peaches canned will do – but be sure to choose peaches in juice rather than in syrup)

*Black or white tea (white tea imparts a gentler, fresher flavour, black tea is more traditional)

*Stevia, monk-fruit or agave syrup

*Hormone Helper (Fruit Punch Flavor)


1/ Juice 3-4 of the peaches either by hand or in a juicer. Add the juice to a jug with your choice of sweetener to taste (1-2 tsp of agave should be sufficient – use less monk fruit or stevia as these are naturally sweeter) and stir well

2/Add a scoop of Hormone Helper and stir again until completely dissolved

3/ Brew a small pot of strong tea and leave to cool

4/ Meanwhile, chop the remaining peaches and add those to the juice

5/ Once cooled, combine the tea with the juice and top up with a little fresh filtered water

6/ Serve over ice with a slice of lemon!

Soothing Spa Water

This delicious spa water recipe screams summer – citrus fruits, refreshing mint and our calming Serenease Blend to promote reduced anxiety, stable mood and better sleep.

You’ll need:

*Serenease (Orange Creamsicle Flavor)

*2 medium oranges, cut into eight slices

*1 lemon, cut into ½-inch rings

*1 grapefruit, cut into eight slices

*A bunch of fresh mint


1/ In a jug add 2-2.5 liters of fresh filtered water or naturally sparkling water (a glass jug works well here – so that you can see the beautiful colors of the fruit and mint leaves!)

2/ Add a scoop of Serenease and mix until completely assimilated

3/ Carefully drop in the sliced fruit and with a pair of sharp scissors, slice the bunch of mint into the water (avoiding stalks)

4/ Stir and place in the fridge for 30-60 minutes, then serve over ice.

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